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Eiffel Tower Christmas Ornament

Posted on November 23, 2019 by George buy Eiffel Tower Christmas Ornament

Paris Eiffel Tower Christmas Ornament

This Christmas your tree can have this Eiffel Tower Christmas Ornament in it and that will bring back the memories of Paris.

The Paris ornament is made from blown glass with lots of details to make it really look amazing. And this Eiffel Tower ornament comes in a gift box to so that you can surprise a friend with this special ornament and maybe a trip to see Paris together.

I am sure that this ornament will look stunning in a Christmas tree as it is made from glass which will look nice with the light from the Christmas lights in your tree.

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Paris In Pink Suitcase Cover

Posted on May 21, 2019 by George buy Paris In Pink Suitcase Cover

Paris In Pink Suitcase Cover

Now there is this amazing looking Paris In Pink Suitcase Cover that is made to protect your suitcase while looking amazing.

The suitcase cover is available in 3 sizes and also really stretchy so that it will fit snug around almost any suitcase and that means that it is protected from harm while also be much easier to spot. And if the cover would get dirty then it is good to know that you can machine wash it.

On the suitcase cover, you can see a black and white drawing of Paris with the Eiffel Tower in the middle and there are lots of pink details like the flowers on the trees and the umbrella’s people are using.

It is an amazing looking suitcase cover you just have to check out.

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The Tower Of Paris T-Shirt

Posted on February 20, 2019 by George buy The Tower Of Paris T-Shirt

The Tower Of Paris T-Shirt

No need to go to France for a fun tourist t-shirt because you can get this The Tower Of Paris T-Shirt.

You can get this fun Paris t-shirt in styles for men, women, and kids and it comes in many colors and in many sizes going all the way up to adult sizes 6XL and there is a hoodie available too.

On the shirt you can see a different style looking Eiffel Tower and below the big tower it says Paris and the whole print is white and that looks pretty nice on almost any color shirt so you can really pick the shirt you want.

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Eiffel Tower Luggage Tag

Posted on February 25, 2018 by George buy Eiffel Tower Luggage Tag

Eiffel Tower Luggage Tag

If you want special personalized luggage tag then check out this Eiffel Tower luggage tag.

The luggage tag has classic look with a stamp of mail on it and the Eiffel Tower and next to it you can see the text next to the tower that you choose and on the back it can have all your information that you like on a luggage tag printed on it or you can choose for the classic id card in a windowed slot.

Now your bag can have the big tower from Paris on it and maybe you can even have this bag tag on your bag when you travel to France.

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Paris Skyline In Bricks T-Shirt

Posted on October 4, 2017 by George buy Paris Skyline In Bricks T-Shirt

Paris Skyline In Bricks T-Shirt

Now you can have a cool Paris t-shirt that says “Paris” on it in big black letters and above the word it shows the skyline of the city in France.

The skyline is all colorful as it seems to be made out of LEGO bricks and you can find many of the cities famous buildings with the Eiffel tower sticking out above the rest.

So now you can have a Paris tourist t-shirt without having to go all the way to France.

You can get this Paris t-shirt in styles for both men and women and it comes in a wide range of sizes and even in many colors.

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