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Santa Claus Face Mask

Posted on December 4, 2020 by George buy Santa Claus Face Mask

Santa Claus Face Mask

Christmas will happen this year no matter what or how but by simply wearing this Santa Claus Face Mask we are sure that Santa will be part of it.

This Christmas face mask is available in different styles and in sizes for kids and adults so that everyone can feel a lot like Santa.

And this Santa mask is washable and can be reused so that you Santa face is ready for this and maybe other Christmases.

And as you can see the face mask has the famous face of Santa Claus on it from his nose down including his famous white beard.

This is a fun face mask no matter what this pandemic will bring us this Christmas season.

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Christmas Cookies Face Mask

Posted on November 20, 2020 by George buy Christmas Cookies Face Mask

Christmas Cookies Face Mask

We all need a face mask to protect each other from the virus and for the holidays we can all wear this fun Christmas Cookies Face Mask.

This Christmas face mask is available in different styles (2 and 3 ply) and in sizes for kids and adults.

And on this face masks has a light background and on it you can find many Christmas cookies and many are decorated.

You can see gingerbread men, reindeer, snowmen, Christmas trees, Santa hats and more and that just looks really fun and for sure it will make people smile even though you can’t see if as they are wearing their masks too.

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Suitcase Christmas Ornament

Posted on November 6, 2020 by George buy Suitcase Christmas Ornament

Suitcase Christmas Ornament

This Christmas season you can have this Suitcase Christmas Ornament in your Christmas tree.

The ornament is a classic looking suitcase and it is red with some patches on it and the text “Bon Voyage” and this not a sturdy suitcase made from fabric or plastic, this suitcase is made from glass to give it that perfect classic look you want from your Christmas ornaments.

A pandemic stops most travel and that is why a ornament like this is a great addition to your holiday tree just to remind us about how nice it was when you where able to just travel almost anywhere without the worries about a virus.

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Festive Snowman Suitcase Cover

Posted on December 11, 2019 by George buy Festive Snowman Suitcase Cover

Festive Snowman Suitcase Cover

If you want a fun and festive suitcase then you can just get this Festive Snowman Suitcase Cover and put it on the suitcase you already own.

A staircase cover like this is made to protect your suitcase from damage and to make it more difficult for people to steal from you. You can get this suitcase cover in different sizes and all are really flexible to fit snug around your suitcase while keeping wheels and handles available for you.

On this suitcase cover you can see an adorable snowman and it is wearing a scarf and hat to stay warm this winter and behind the snowman you can see lights and I think they are Christmas lights.

This cover for your luggage is a great way to be festive this holiday season or winter and I think people will smile if they see you travel with this .

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Eiffel Tower Christmas Ornament

Posted on November 23, 2019 by George buy Eiffel Tower Christmas Ornament

Paris Eiffel Tower Christmas Ornament

This Christmas your tree can have this Eiffel Tower Christmas Ornament in it and that will bring back the memories of Paris.

The Paris ornament is made from blown glass with lots of details to make it really look amazing. And this Eiffel Tower ornament comes in a gift box to so that you can surprise a friend with this special ornament and maybe a trip to see Paris together.

I am sure that this ornament will look stunning in a Christmas tree as it is made from glass which will look nice with the light from the Christmas lights in your tree.

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New York Ball Ornament

Posted on November 17, 2019 by George buy New York Ball Ornament

New York Ball Ornament

This Christmas you can have this New York Ball Ornament in your Christmas tree.

If you like New York City and maybe you visited it and want to be reminded about it this Christmas then you want to check out this tree ornament.

This ornament is a see through and round and inside it you can see some of the skyscrapers and landmarks including the famous Statue of Liberty.

So if you want something from the big apple in your tree or if you want to surprise someone with a nice ornament then you can surprise them with this piece of Christmas decorations.

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London Tourist Attractions Christmas Ornament

Posted on November 11, 2019 by George buy London Tourist Attractions Christmas Ornament

London Tourist Attartions Christmas Ornament

This Christmas will be so much more special all thanks to this London Tourist Attractions Christmas Ornament in your Christmas tree.

If you like to travel a lot and have a Christmas tree that is more personal then an ornament for all the places you visited would be a fun things to have.

This Christmas ornament is all about London England with the word “London” on the bottom and on top of that you can see the Tower Bridge, Big Ben, Double Decker Buss, and even a guard from Buckingham Palace.

So now you can have London in the Christmas tree and with that the memories can come back from your adventures in this British city.

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Santa Claus Costume Luggage Tag

Posted on October 16, 2017 by George buy Santa Claus Costume Luggage Tag

Santa Claus Costume Luggage Tag

If you like traveling and Christmas then this Santa Claus costume luggage tag could be just perfect for your suitcase.

The luggage tag has a fun red background color and on it you can see a belt and a white band with two buttons on it and yes that is all from the costume of Santa.

You can choose to have the same design on both the back and the front or go with an ID card slot so that you can have your current address always up to date on the bag tag.

So with a fun luggage tag like this, you are ready for your holiday travels.

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Santa And Presents Passport Cover

Posted on November 30, 2016 by George buy Santa And Presents Passport Cover

Santa And Presents Passport Cover

Passport covers are a great way to protect your passport from harm but also great in making it easy to find the right one and to add a more personal detail to your travel documents.

This passport cover is all about Santa and Christmas. The cover has a black background with white polka dots and on the front, you can see Santa Claus with a bag of presents and he is waving at you. On the back, you can see a wagon full of presents including a plush bear.

So just put your passport in this Christmas passport holder and you are ready to travel this holiday season.

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Wake Me Up On Christmas Eye Mask

Posted on November 24, 2016 by George buy Wake Me Up On Christmas Eye Mask

Wake Me Up On Christmas Eye Mask

Now there is an eye mask that is perfect for when you travel this holiday season.

The sleep mask has a red band and the mask itself is mainly green with red edge and white sequin and on the green it says in big red letters “Wake Me Up On Christmas”.

Just imagine wearing this sleep mask on a plane or train, I am sure that people that see you wearing it will smile and that makes their holidays season just a little bit better.

Eye masks are just the perfect way to keep the light out of your eyes when you want a quick nap and it does not matter if it is at home or on the go, this sleep mask will be ready for you.

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