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Eiffel Tower Luggage Tag

Posted on February 25, 2018 by George buy Eiffel Tower Luggage Tag

Eiffel Tower Luggage Tag

If you want special personalized luggage tag then check out this Eiffel Tower luggage tag.

The luggage tag has classic look with a stamp of mail on it and the Eiffel Tower and next to it you can see the text next to the tower that you choose and on the back it can have all your information that you like on a luggage tag printed on it or you can choose for the classic id card in a windowed slot.

Now your bag can have the big tower from Paris on it and maybe you can even have this bag tag on your bag when you travel to France.

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Eiffel Tower Suitcase Cover

Posted on October 15, 2014 by George buy Eiffel Tower Suitcase Cover

Eiffel Tower Suitcase Cover

How do you make you suitcase stand out and be more secure?

How about a suitcase cover?

This suitcase cover for carry on sized suitcases fits perfectly around the suitcase protecting it from harm and making others stay out.

This suitcase cover looks like a jersey and will be secured to the bottom leaving space for the wheels and handle.

And yes this suitcase TSA approved and even machine washable.

And a suitcase cover should be fun to and that is why this one looks like the Eiffel Tower  making it perfect for a long trip.


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