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Yellow Car Kids Suitcase

Posted on May 2, 2018 by George buy Yellow Car Kids Suitcase

Yellow Car Kids Suitcase

Now there is a cool yellow car kids suitcase that will be loved by your child and even an adult that likes a cool suitcase.

The suitcase is shaped like a car and even the 4 wheels can turn and this is a real suitcase with a retractable handle and wheels to pull it while traveling.

Inside the car suitcase has a mesh separator to be able to add more stuff inside it.

A suitcase like this is great for the kids but it is the size of carry on luggage so if you are an adult and like traveling then why not use it.

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Dump Truck Personalized Passport Cover

Posted on July 24, 2017 by George buy Dump Truck Personalized Passport Cover

Dump Truck Personalized Passport Cover

This passport cover will be personalized for you child (no extra charge) making it really cool.

The passport cover is blue and on the front you can see a nice red and yellow toy dump truck and lots of kids love trucks like that and then around the truck you can have the text of your choice and as you can see on the picture the example says “Andrew My First Passport” but you can adjust that they way you like.

A passport cover like this will protect your child’s┬ápassport will be in perfect condition and it also makes it easy to find the passport that belongs to your child.

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Toy Cars Passport Cover

Posted on October 29, 2014 by George buy Toy Cars Passport Cover

Toy Car fun passport cover

How do your protect passports and make them easy to spot?

Get them a fun passport cover. Now you can put a passport into this fun toy car passport cover.

The outside of this passport cover is vinyl and on the inside there is a fabric that has the toy cars on it and white card stock to keep it all in place.

Just slide your passport in and you are set and kids are gone love this cover.

Now just imagine traveling with a group and you just needs that one passport. No worries as it is easy to find because of this cars passport cover.

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