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Dump Truck Personalized Passport Cover

Posted on July 24, 2017 by George buy Dump Truck Personalized Passport Cover

Dump Truck Personalized Passport Cover

This passport cover will be personalized for you child (no extra charge) making it really cool.

The passport cover is blue and on the front you can see a nice red and yellow toy dump truck and lots of kids love trucks like that and then around the truck you can have the text of your choice and as you can see on the picture the example says “Andrew My First Passport” but you can adjust that they way you like.

A passport cover like this will protect your child’s passport will be in perfect condition and it also makes it easy to find the passport that belongs to your child.

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Peppa Pig Passport Holder And Luggage Tag

Posted on November 29, 2014 by George buy Peppa Pig Passport Holder And Luggage Tag

Peppa Pig Passport Holder And Luggage Tag Set

Does you kid like Peppa Pig?

If it does then this is the ultimate travel set for them.

This set includes a Peppa Pig passport cover that protects you kids passport and look amazing and that of course makes it so much easier to find in a stack of passports. And then there is a Peppa Pig luggage tag that is die cut in the shape of this cute pig with an address label inside to make it almost impossible to loose your bags.

Kids will love this set and adults can worry a little bit less knowing that Peppa Pig is there to travel with them.

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Dinosaur Luggage Tag

Posted on November 6, 2014 by George buy Dinosaur Luggage Tag

Dinosaur Luggage Tag With a T-Rex

Now kids (and adults) that like dinosaurs can have their own special luggage tag.

The luggage tag shows a big T-Rex on the front and on the back you find a closeup of this din’s head and room for the information you want to share. just fill in the info with a permanent marker and the luggage tag is good to go.

Kids suitcases are one place this luggage tag would be perfect for but also for that backpack they take to school as kids seem to loose everything.

No you won’t get any winning kids because T-Rex is cool and would be appreciated on their bags.

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