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Fragile Handle With Care Luggage Tag

Posted on July 30, 2021 by George buy Fragile Handle With Care Luggage Tag

Fragile Handle With Care Luggage Tag

If you travel with stuff that can break then you should get a Fragile Handle With Care Luggage Tag.

This is not a normal luggage tag as there is no room for you information as it is just made to tell people that deal with you luggage that they have to be careful.

The luggage tag is yellow and in red it says “Fragile Handle With Care” and the tag is 4 x 5 inches making it nice and big  so that it is hard to miss.

Just put this on your suitcase, golf bag, bike, car seat and things like that that could be damaged in transit.

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Fragile Broken Glass Suitcase Cover

Posted on May 8, 2018 by George buy Fragile Broken Glass Suitcase Cover

Fragile Broken Glass Suitcase Cover

If you like to make it clear that your luggage is fragile then you should be checking out this fragile broken glass suitcase cover.

The suitcase cover is available in 3 sizes so that it will fit your suitcase and it will fit snug around you luggage to protect if from damage.

You can see that the cover has a print of broken glass and a red banner that says “Fragile” on it and maybe this will help your stuff to be safe from harm.

And by having this great suitcase cover you also make it a lot easier to spot at the airport while waiting for your suitcase.

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Fragile Handle With Care Luggage Tag

Posted on July 30, 2017 by George buy Fragile Handle With Care Luggage Tag

Fragile Handle With Care Luggage Tag

If you are traveling with things that can break in your suitcase then this fragile handle with care luggage tag is what you want.

The luggage tag is red and on the front, it says in white letters “Handle With Care Fragile Thank You”. and for the back, you can choose between having your information printed on the red bag tag or the classic way with a card slot so that you can change the address when needed.

A luggage tag like this will look stunning on your dark suitcase as it is red and pretty obvious so baggage handlers should notice it and that means that your possessions could be just a little bit more protected from harm.

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Red Fragile Luggage Strap

Posted on March 17, 2015 by George buy Red Fragile Luggage Strap

Red Luggage Strap that says Fragile on it

You worry a little bit about how they handle you suitcase while flying specially as you have important things in you suitcase.

Maybe this luggage strap can make you feel a little bit better.

This red luggage strap from ORB Travel says in small and big letters “Fragile” all of the strap and maybe when baggage handlers see that they will be a bit more careful with your suitcase.

A strap like this will also make you suitcase stand out when it arrives at the baggage carousel and that of course makes it a lot easier for you to spot it when it arrives.

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Yellow Fragile Suitcase Cover

Posted on October 19, 2014 by George buy Yellow Fragile Suitcase Cover

Yellow Fragile Suitcase Cover

So you are planning a trip and you are taking a lot of things that should be handled with care.

Luckily there now is a suitcase cover that is bright yellow and on the front shows a broken glass and the word “Fragile” on it in a red banner.

Maybe this will help keeping you luggage in one piece but one thing is for sure it will make it a lot easier to spot on a baggage belt at the airport and it will be a lot more difficult for other to steal things out of it as they have to remove the whole cover.

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Fragile Bag Handle Wrap

Posted on September 30, 2014 by George buy Fragile Bag Handle Wrap

Fragile Handle With Care Bag Handle Wrap

We all know how our bags are treated when they are out of sight but if you do have something in there that need some tender care them maybe this handle wrap can help.

Just stick it on the handle of your suitcase and anyone can see your request.

The handle wrap is red and in white letters it says “Fragile handle with care”. Any one touching the handle would see the message and that could lead to less throwing of you bags.

Beside being a great way to tell people to be gentle with your bags it is also a great way to easily spot you bags on the baggage belt at the airport.

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