Travel Jewelry Box

Posted on September 18, 2020 by George buy Travel Jewelry Box

Travel Jewelry Box

Now there is this Travel Jewelry Box that is just perfect if you travel around a lot and need somewhere to store you jewelry.

No matter if you travel for trips or to stay at your boyfriends house of just at home this jewelry box is just perfect as it offers plenty of space while looking great.

The bottom try of the jewelry box has room for rings and some small area’s that you can adjust in space do that it can even hold bangle bracelets. The lid inside has room for necklaces that can hang down and go being a holder to keep them in place and then there is a flat in the middle that keeps things in place but is also where your earrings go.

The jewelry box is nice dark blue in color and has a white strap to close it perfectly.

No matter where you are you can have all your favorite jewelry with you where ever you go.

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