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Galaxy Print Luggage Strap

Posted on May 15, 2019 by George buy Galaxy Print Luggage Strap

Galaxy Print Luggage Strap

Now you can get this amazing looking Galaxy Print Luggage Strap that even has a combination lock.

If you like space and want to show that on your suitcase then you should wrap it with this luggage strap.

The luggage strap has a print that shows the galaxy with lots of stars with lots of blue colors too.

And this luggage strap is adjustable in size and has a combination lock too so that it can be extra security to get into your bag and you can set the combination yourself so that you will never forget your code.

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Planets In The Galaxy Suitcase Cover

Posted on February 21, 2015 by George buy Planets In The Galaxy Suitcase Cover

Planets In The Galaxy Suitcase Cover

Do you want your suitcase to look special and be difficult to get into?

Yes you do and that is why there ¬†now is this suitcase cover that will protect you suitcase from harm while traveling and it won’t open easily because there is a big cover over it and that will keep thieves out of it as they look for easy access.

And yes wheels and handles keep working so it works just like any normal suitcase only this one looks like space.

The suitcase cover shows a big galaxy with planets and stars and a arrow with a white star that says “You are here”.

So if you want to be different and stop worrying about your belongings then you are in luck wit this cover.

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