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Orange Scenery With Trees Luggage Tag

Posted on April 30, 2021 by George buy Orange Scenery With Trees Luggage Tag

Orange Scenery With Trees Luggage Tag

The nice people from Lewis N. Clark made this Orange Scenery With Trees Luggage Tag specially for your and your friends.

This bag tag is what everyone with a suitcase needs and even on your laptop bag or school backpack this is the tag you want.

On the front the luggage tag is orange with a scenery in the background and in front of it all there are black trees and that all makes it looks really nice. And if orange is not your color then you are in luck as it comes in blue too.

And the back of the luggage tag has a card slot that can hold a business card or any other ID card you want.

To connect it there is a nice steel wire so that it will make sure it keep connected to your luggage.

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Travel Scenery Luggage Tag

Posted on December 6, 2016 by George buy Travel Scenery Luggage Tag

Travel Scenery Luggage Tag

Now there is a luggage strap that also shows you famous travel scenery like the Big Ben, Tower of Pizza, Pyramids and much more and that makes this suitcase strap more fun and perfectly on the topic of travel.

The luggage strap is made by ORB Travel and is 2 inches wide and 70 inches long and it is easy to adjust the size so that it fits your luggage snug and perfect.

With a strong luggage strap like this, you have to worry less about your suitcase loosing stuff and it is also way easier to spot your suitcase when it comes down the luggage belt at the airport.

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