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Summer Time! Suitcase Cover

Posted on June 18, 2017 by George buy Summer Time! Suitcase Cover

Summer Time! Suitcase Cover

Now your suitcase can look like summer all thanks to this summer time! suitcase cover.

The suitcase cover is available in 4 sizes and that makes it perfect for almost any suitcase.

The cover does keep wheels and handles available so your suitcase will be fully functional while looking amazing and protected.

A suitcase cover makes it more difficult for people to steal from inside while also being protected from harm by baggage handling. Finding your suitcase on a luggage belt will be a lot easier because not many suitcases look like the beach and say summer time on it.

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Surf’s Up Luggage Tag

Posted on July 3, 2016 by George buy Surf’s Up Luggage Tag

Surf's Up Luggage Tag

This luggage tag shows a classic summer scene with your can to the beach and then surfing with the waves, beach, palm tree and the sun all in the picture.

And then on the foreground you can have your name an phone number printed right on the luggage tag so that it never comes off.

You will find the same image on both the front and back of this luggage tag.

A bag tag like this is great for a suitcase but also for you work, school and sport bag as it makes it easy to spot and clear to who it belongs to.

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Enjoy The Sun Suitcase Cover

Posted on June 15, 2016 by George buy Enjoy The Sun Suitcase Cover

Enjoy The Sun Suitcase Cover

While most suitcases are boring and just plain black this do make it more difficult to spot it at the airport and that is why this suitcase cover so neat.

This suitcase cover is white and light blue with typical summer things on it like a hat, flip flops, glasses, palm trees and a bird. And the suitcase cover also says “Enjoy the sun”.

Besides personalizing your suitcase this cover also protect your luggage from harm and will keep people out as well as there now is an extra barrier to get to your belongings.

You can get this summer suitcase cover in 3 sizes so that it fits you suitcase perfectly and it keeps handles and wheels accessible and is machine washable as well.

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