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Tufftaag Metal Luggage Tag

Posted on December 4, 2014 by George buy Tufftaag Metal Luggage Tag

Tufftaag Aluminium Luggage Tag

If you travel a lot then you know that luggage tags can get easily hurt by all the traveling.

But if you want something strong then we found you that.

This Tufftaag is made from aluminium and even has a metal strap so that it will last a lot longer.

Available in black, red, pink and silver this luggage tag can be the last luggage tag you ever buy.

And inside you can just put a business card or used the included template. All you info is stored behind a clear plastic film.

And when you buy this luggage tag they even give you a PDF template to print a nice info card for in the luggage tag.

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Aluminium Luggage Tag

Posted on October 17, 2014 by George buy Aluminium Luggage Tag

Lewis N. Clark Aluminium Luggage Tag

If you travel a lot then you want a bag tag that looks nice and last.

This luggage tag by Lewis N. Clark is made from two pieces of aluminium that slide over each other with in the middle the id card on witch you write you information. And to top it all of this luggage tag connects to your bag with a stainless steel wire.

A metal luggage tag like this will look nice on almost any bag and as it is so strong and sturdy it probably going to last you a lifetime.

Plastic luggage tags are great fun but for the world traveler something more strong is the way to go.

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