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Cute Cat Face Mask

Posted on June 2, 2020 by George buy Cute Cat Face Mask

Cute Cat Face Mask

Now you can get this Cute Cat Face Mask that looks so much better than the boring face masks other people wear.

This mask is not medical grade but great for going out shopping, working, or going to school. You can get this face mask in kids and adults sizes for the perfect fit for a true cat lover that wants a cute mask

The face mask is shite and shows a cute cat face on it and the nose is even a cute pink heart.

And you can wash this face mask so that it is always clean for when you need to go out. The cute cat is perfect as it will make people smile when they see you.

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Cat Lady Passport Cover

Posted on November 29, 2019 by George buy Cat Lady Passport Cover

Cat Lady Passport Cover

Now there is this Cat Lady Passport Cover that is the perfect way for anyone that likes cats to protect their passport.

The passport cover is black and even water proof but be careful as you passport inside it can still get wet.

On the front fo the passport holder it shows a picture of the moon in the background and on top of it a silhouette of a cat or maybe it is just a black cat and then below the cat it says in bit white text “Cat Lady”.

So now anyone that checks your passport will know you like cats and it also makes it easy to spot your passport in a stack of travel documents.

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Breakout Cat Suitcase Cover

Posted on June 21, 2016 by George buy Breakout Cat Suitcase Cover

breakout kitten suitcase cover

This suitcase cover makes you suitcase look amazing specially if you like cats.

Just slide the suitcase cover over your suitcase and you are all set, you suitcase will be protected from harm and people trying to steal things and it looks amazing.

On the front and back of the suitcase cover you can see a kitten trying to break out because it wants to be on holidays as well.

You can get this suitcase cover in many size so that you can pick the size that fits your suitcase perfectly and yes the cover does have a stretch to.

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