Air Weigh LS-300 Portable Luggage Scale

Posted on November 18, 2014 by George buy Air Weigh LS-300 Portable Luggage Scale

Air Weigh LS-300 Portable Digital Luggage Scale

Are you worried that you suitcase weight is to high?

If that happens to you often then a portable luggage scale would be perfect for you.

This scale is easy to use just clip it on your bag and hold it in the air and you will know how much your luggage weighs and then you have the answer and know if you have to repack that suitcase.

The Air Weigh can measure between 0.2 lb and 75 pounds and can also display the weight in KG’s.

Just tuck this handy portable luggage scale in your suitcase so that you also know on the way back home if you suitcase is within it’s limits.

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