Watercolor Floral Face Mask

Posted on May 21, 2020 by George buy Watercolor Floral Face Mask

Watercolor Floral Face Mask

If you are going to travel then do it safe and use a mask and this Watercolor Floral Face Mask could be just be perfect for you.

This is not a medical grade mask but great for your travels around town, on the bus and on the plane.

This is an adults sized face mask that has elastic loops and can easily be washed after used to make it ready for your next trip out. And if your child needs fun mask for school then it is good to know that it comes in kids sizes too just click on the buy now button to see it.

And most masks are just plain boring but now you can get something that looks way better especially if your like watercolor flowers as they are printed on the outside of the mask in green and blue.

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