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Taylor Extendable Travel Scale

Posted on February 15, 2020 by George buy Taylor Extendable Travel Scale

Taylor Extendable Travel Scale

If you want to take scale to weigh yourself on your trips then this Taylor Extendable Travel Scale is just perfect for you.

This is a mini bathroom scale that is great for at home as it works great like any other scale but is really small making it easy to store away into maybe even your nightstand.

And as it is so small it is perfect for taking on a trip as it easily fits in your suitcase.

As you can see on the picture the display sticks out of the scale but it slides in to make it even compacter then it looks on the picture.

You can get this Taylor bathroom scale in black and white and it comes with a battery so you are all set to keep track of your weight. And yes you can change it from pounds to KG’s.

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Taylor Talking Luggage Scale

Posted on March 29, 2015 by George buy Taylor Talking Luggage Scale

Taylor Talking Luggage Scale 8122-4

Taylor is gone make weighing you bags a lot easier with this luggage scale.

The scale has foldable handles that makes it easier to lift the bag.

Just click the strap around a bag handle and lift it with two hands then when you hear a beep just put the bag down and read the weight on the display or listen to the voice that tells it to you.

No more over weight bags when you have this scale with you when you travel.

This luggage scale from Taylor can measure weights up to 88 pounds.

A luggage scale like this will be your favorite travel companion before you know it.

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