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Cute Witch Passport Cover

Posted on October 6, 2019 by George buy Cute Witch Passport Cover

Cute Witch Passport Cover

If you want to be all in Halloween style even when traveling then you should check out this Cute Witch Passport Cover.

This passport cover is great for protecting your passport from damage but it also makes it just ready for Halloween.

On both the front and the back of the passport cover you can see an images of a witch and she is happy as she has a giant smile on her face and she is also holding her cat and the animal is not so sure about what is happening.

It is just a really cute looking cover for your passport and that is what is just perfect for when you are traveling around Halloween.

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Halloween Pumpkin Luggage Tag

Posted on September 10, 2017 by George buy Halloween Pumpkin Luggage Tag

Halloween Pumpkin Luggage Tag

If you want a cool luggage tag for Halloween then look no further as this is the perfect luggage tag as it has a pumpkin on it and more.

The luggage tag shows a carved pumpkin and it seems to be light up and below the pumpkin it says “Halloween party” against a dark background.

So this luggage tag is perfect for when you are traveling to a Halloween party.

The luggage tag shows the same image on both the front and back only the back has a flap that keeps your ID card out of sight so that only people that really want to see your info can see it.

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Golden Retriever Pirate Luggage Tag

Posted on September 25, 2016 by George buy Golden Retriever Pirate Luggage Tag

Golden Retriever Pirate Luggage Tag

This luggage tag is perfect for people the love to travel and love dogs, pirates, and Halloween.

On the front of the luggage tag, you can see a golden retriever wearing an eye patch, pirate hat, and a sword in its mouth.

It’s just a fun luggage tag for on your suitcase as now people will know that you have a pirate dog that will protect you if need be.

On the back, there is a card slot in which you can have a card with your info on it so that your luggage does not have to get lost anymore.

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Purple Halloween Passport Cover

Posted on October 7, 2015 by George buy Purple Halloween Passport Cover

Purple Halloween Passport Cover

Traveling with your passport around Halloween became a whole lot more fun with this passport cover.

The passport holder is purple on the outside and shows all kind of Halloween things like costumes, ghosts, pumpkins and more so by using this passport holder even traveling becomes more in the spirit of Halloween.

The passport cover is sturdy and strong and has clear vinyl pockets so that you can see everything you need inside your passport.

I am sure that passport checks become more fun when you protect your passport with this Halloween themed passport cover.

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Halloween Ghosts Luggage Tag

Posted on September 7, 2015 by George buy Halloween Ghosts Luggage Tag

Halloween Ghosts Luggage Tag

If you like ghosts and Halloween then why not get a special luggage tag if you have to do some traveling around Halloween?

This bag tag has a black brick design background and on the front you can see 3 ghosts or are they different creatures hiding under a sheet?

On the back you can see the same bricks but it also will have your information printed on it so that you have the perfect personalized luggage tag.

This luggage tag is also great if you are part of the Ghostbusters or if you are a want to be.

Get ready for Halloween and start with a fun bag tag like this one.

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Happy Halloween Luggage Tag

Posted on September 2, 2014 by George buy Happy Halloween Luggage Tag

Happy Halloween Luggage Tag

Looking for the perfect bag tag for Halloween?

How about this orange luggage tag that on the front shows a big black bat and above it the text “Happy Halloween” and on the black back your personal info would be printed and you can choose what get printed on it.

If you travel a lot around Halloween time then this luggage tag is just perfect and with the info on it you want you can even use this tag for complete different things like maybe marking the box with your Halloween decorations in it.

Get ready to mark those bag and the bat will keep an eye on it.

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