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Garden Mom Luggage Tag

Posted on April 16, 2016 by George buy Garden Mom Luggage Tag

Garden Mom Luggage Tag

If you want to surprise your mom with a nice luggage tag for mothers day or her birthday then this bag tag could be just what you need.

The luggage tag is white and has in green fun letters the word “Mom” on it and the letters are made from flower stems and have some tiny leaves and even some pink flowers on them.

On the back you find a card slot with a pre printed card that can hold the information you want or you can decide just to print a label you stick in it.

A bag tag like this will make you mom smile every time her luggages arrives as it reminds her off the nice person that surprised her with this amazing luggage tag.

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Purple Handle Wrap With Flowers

Posted on January 17, 2016 by George buy Purple Handle Wrap With Flowers

Purple Handle Wrap With Groovy Flowers

Some suitcases and bags are just not comfortable when you carry them and for those bags they made this handle wrap witch is made from neoprene and is strong and fun to look at.

The handle wrap is purple and has in white some groovy looking flower on it and that of course makes you bag look so much better then others just because of this special handle wrap.

Also with a handle wrap like this it will be a lot easier to spot your luggage at the luggage carousel at the airport.

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Flowery Suitcase Cover

Posted on August 8, 2015 by George buy Flowery Suitcase Cover

Flowery Suitcase Cover

Now you know what you suitcase is as this suitcase cover will make it so much easier to find.

This suitcase cover is black but has a colorful pattern on it that to me looks like a flower.

You can get his cover in different sizes to fit you luggage perfectly.

And not only will you have more personal looking luggage that is easy to spot it also protect it from people opening your suitcase as of course it is a bit more of a hassle to do so specially at the airport.

Be bold be different and make you luggage look amazing with a special suitcase cover.

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