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Many Dogs Suitcase Cover

Posted on February 19, 2018 by George buy Many Dogs Suitcase Cover

Many Dogs Suitcase Cover

Suitcase covers are a great way to protect your suitcase and make it look so much more fun and now there is a dogs suitcase cover.

The white suitcase covers is covered in drawing of a bunch of dogs and besides the dogs you can find other details like bones and toys and it says “My Dogs” and “Dog” on it too.

You can get this fun suitcase cover in many sizes and all will keep the wheels and handles available for use and the strong cover is very flexible so that it can fit snugly around you luggage.

So if you like dogs then you should check this suitcase cover out.

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Golden Retriever Pirate Luggage Tag

Posted on September 25, 2016 by George buy Golden Retriever Pirate Luggage Tag

Golden Retriever Pirate Luggage Tag

This luggage tag is perfect for people the love to travel and love dogs, pirates, and Halloween.

On the front of the luggage tag, you can see a golden retriever wearing an eye patch, pirate hat, and a sword in its mouth.

It’s just a fun luggage tag for on your suitcase as now people will know that you have a pirate dog that will protect you if need be.

On the back, there is a card slot in which you can have a card with your info on it so that your luggage does not have to get lost anymore.

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