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Cute Bunny Passport Cover

Posted on April 3, 2019 by George buy Cute Bunny Passport Cover

Personalized Cute Bunny Passport Cover

If you want a fun passport cover for kids or adults then check out this Cute Bunny Passport Cover.

This passport cover shows a cute white bunny on the front and it seems to be having a pool party and it just looks really cute. To make this just the perfect cover for your passport then this is it as below the cute bunny it has your name printed on the cover (at no extra cost) and that makes it easier to spot in a stack of passport your family may have.

And this passport cover is waterproof and sturdy to keep your passport look like new. And this cover is 5.25 x 3.75 inches and that means it fits most passport including the one from the US and Mexico.

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Cute Bunny Suitcase Cover

Posted on January 14, 2018 by George buy Cute Bunny Suitcase Cover

Cute Bunny Suitcase Cover

Everyone seems to have the same boring black suitcase these days but thanks so this cute bunny suitcase cover you can make you suitcase look amazingly cute and protect it from theft and damage.

You can get the suitcase cover in 4 sizes and they are flexible to fit snugly around your suitcase and yes, wheels, and handles are all still working as expected.

On the suitcase cover you can see a big head of a bunny and that is just fun and I wonder if the Easter bunny is using this around his suitcase.

Now you can travel without having to worry if you can spot your suitcase because their will not be many rabbit suitcase on the luggage belt at the airport.

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Funny Easter Bunny Luggage Tag

Posted on March 26, 2017 by George buy Funny Easter Bunny Luggage Tag

Funny Easter Bunny Luggage Tag

Now there is a luggage tag specially made for Easter and you can add it to your suitcase when you travel around Easter.

On the luggage tag, you can see a purple background with on it a brown bunny and it is the Easter bunny and you know that because it used Easter eggs as earrings.

The luggage tag is available with a black back or with a card pocket so that you can get the perfect bag tag for Easter.

A luggage tag like this could also be used to mark you Easter basket so that everyone knows that the chocolate eggs inside it are all yours.

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Pink Bunny Rabbit Luggage Tag

Posted on February 16, 2016 by George buy Pink Bunny Rabbit Luggage Tag

Pink Bunny Rabbit Luggage Tag

If you like pink and bunnies and of course traveling then this bag tag is just what you need.

The luggage tag is pink and shows on the front a silhouette of a pink bunny that seems to sparkle. On the back this pink luggage tag shows your info printed on the card so that it is always there secure and visible. And you decide what personalized message you want there. Could be your address or maybe just you phone number or email address, it’s up to you.

A bag tag like this is also great for Easter as it shows a bunny and a fun color.

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