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Baseballs Suitcase Cover

Posted on October 5, 2018 by George buy Baseballs Suitcase Cover

Baseballs Suitcase Cover

If you want your suitcase to keep undamaged and like to play ball then you should check out this Baseballs Suitcase Cover.

The suitcase cover is available in 3 sizes to fit your suitcase perfectly. The cover is flexible to fit snugly around your luggage and by that it will protect your luggage and even prevent theft as it is a bit more difficult to quickly get into the suitcase..

The suitcase cover has a fun print of baseball balls and a whole lot of them and they are even a bit dirty like they get after a nice game.

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Baseball Luggage Tag

Posted on August 14, 2015 by George buy Baseball Luggage Tag

Baseball Luggage Tag

This bag tag is for all the baseball fans out there.

The luggage tag is round just like a baseball and even has the red stitches on it. It’s made from synthetic leather to look real but of course is flat like most luggage tags.

Inside you find an ID card that can hold all your info so that you never have to loose you bags again.

Beside for a suitcase this luggage tag is also great for your sport bag or even you backpack for school.

Make it easy to find you bag as a baseball on it makes it easier to spot and as it has you name people will know that it’s not theirs but yours.

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