Adjustable Travel Clothesline

Posted on April 27, 2020 by George buy Adjustable Travel Clothesline

Lewis N. Clark Adjustable Travel Clothesline

Now you can do laundry on the go all thanks to this Adjustable Travel Clothesline that is made by the people from Lewis N. Clark.

The clothes lines folds down really small so that it can live in your suitcase or with your camping gear. And the laundry line is 6 feet long but adjustable in size so that it fits where you want it. And it has loops on the end and comes with suction cups too so that you can hang it almost anywhere.

And this clothes line is made from braided latex and that is great as there are multiple lines that are woven together and that means you can put your clothes in-between so that you don’t need clips to hang you laundry (click on the picture to see how it work.)

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